Date posted: 24.06.22

Our fires have a range of designs and features, adding to their unique and technically advanced nature. One such in-house development is our Hybrid Prism Baffle, which is available on our Purevision Heritage stoves. This feature enables greater combustion performance and efficiency. The advantages of this Hybrid Prism Baffle go further than just improved efficiency, it also contributes to creating a stunning, distinctive High Definition (HD) flame picture, which is a signature feature of the Purevision range.

Cold evenings and a wood-burning stove go hand in hand. However, such cold temperatures can make starting a stove somewhat hard work – not to mention the poor efficiency with excessive smoke and emissions. This baffle is built to last the lifetime of the stove and is made from durable stainless steel, and includes reflective insulation. The baffle works with the objective of helping the products of combustion dissipate up the chimney when the door is opened, which helps reduce the amount of heat lost, and increases efficiency.

HPV5W Curved Door in Inglenook 100mm Legs

The unique advantage of this baffle is that there is a tapered prism, which funnels waste gases up the chimney when the door is opened. When the door is closed, it aerodynamically circulates gas flow when closed. By mixing hot gases with oxygen coming from the tertiary air system, optimum combustion is achieved. Whatsmore the baffle enables logs to last longer too. 

This technology is what has helped us achieve Ecodesign status and also ClearSkies certification and easily achieve DEFRA exemption for burning wood lots in smoke controlled areas. View more of the Purevision range here.

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