Since 1986 Charlton & Jenrick have been at the forefront of improving the technology and efficiency of “living flame” gas fires.

Whether or not you have a chimney, there is a gas fire for you within the vast Charlton & Jenrick range.

Whether you are looking for a 16″ gas fire, large format gas fire, or gas stove we have a stylish solution that will complete your home, budget and design preferences. We have the perfect gas fire for you.

Introducing our 20% Hydrogen Blend Gas Fires

As part of the continued Charlton and Jenrick Ltd investment in the latest gas fire technologies, we have undertaken in-house testing to allow a selection of our gas range to be ‘Hydrogen mix ready’, with the rest still being developed in the near future.

Blending up to 20% hydrogen into the gas grid with 80% existing natural gas could save up to 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year.

This is an exciting development for the gas fire industry and shows that gas is an eco-friendly option for well into the future, helping Britain cut its carbon emissions and work towards the Government’s Net Zero target without affecting how gas appliances are used.

View this Hydrogen Fire on YouTube