Wood log burners and multi-fuel stoves have become an effective, economical and low-carbon choice with an exciting visual flame picture that old designs simply could not offer.

Fireline stoves are designed and engineered to be extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. Stoves in the Fireline range use advanced, patented firebox combustion technology developed exclusively in our own UK laboratory.

The fuel efficiency of our Fireline stoves begin at 78% and rises to 82%. Every model in this range easily achieves DEFRA exemption for burning seasoned wood logs in smoke control areas. They are all Ecodesign Ready too.

Charlton & Jenrick have been manufacturing and supplying into the Fireplace independent retail market for over 30 years. You are safe in the knowledge that all our products are CE approved, meet all current EcoDesign regulations and are at the pinnacle of innovation.

Being both ISO9001 and ISO14001 you can rest assured that quality products and environmental impact our top of the agenda when creating these stunning fires.


SINCE 1986