Suitable for any room, whether traditional or contemporary, incorporating realistic flame effects from 3D Ecoflame™ and 4D Ecoflame™ technology, which brings a comforting warmth to any home.

A popular choice for people who prefer electric to gas – their versatility and low watt usage allows them to be fitted anywhere there is an electric supply. Making them viable for use in apartments,flats, remote locations, houses without chimneys/flues and where there are no options to use gas.

  • Mix and match frets and trims to suit your room
  • Suitable for use where gas isn’t an option
  • Realistic flame effects give your room a warm welcoming feel
  • Various fuel bed options available

Charlton & Jenrick have been manufacturing and supplying into the Fireplace independent retail market for over 30 years. You are safe in the knowledge that all our products are CE approved, meet all current EcoDesign regulations and are at the pinnacle of innovation.

Being both ISO9001 and ISO14001 you can rest assured that quality products and environmental impact our top of the agenda when creating these stunning fires.


Since 1986