Date posted: 14.10.19

As much as we love wood burning stoves, we realise some people don’t want to be dealing with wood themselves. Whilst some love nothing more than preparing wood, others are not so keen. This can be for a range of reasons, some of which may be out of their control. With this in mind we have created a range of gas stoves. Designed for customers that love the look of a wood burning, without burning wood!

There are a number of benefits, which are associated with opting for a gas fired stove:

Efficiency – Natural gas is still the lowest cost fuel when it comes to supplying a comparable amount of kW usage. Gas is around 3 to 4 times cheaper per kWh than electricity.

Wide Selection – Regardless of you having a chimney or not, a gas stove will more often than not be available, assuming you are connected to the gas grid. Ultimate flame realism, high heat output and varying designs are all available for the potential gas stove owner.

Living Off Grid – If you live off grid, and don’t have access to gas, there is the option of an LPG gas stove.

Hassle Free – Gas is clean and convenient. There is no ash to worry about. Yet you can still enjoy a real flame as you would with a wood burning stove.

Lower your Carbon Footprint – While an Ecodesign stove, and modern electric fires are very environmentally friendly, natural gas emits less CO2 per kWh than electricity, especially so during peak times such as winter.

A few things to know when buying a gas stove:

  • A gas stove must always be fitted by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Gas stoves are suitable for smoke control areas
  • Once fitted a gas stove does not require the chimney flue sweeping
  • Where there is a chimney of sound construction, a flue liner may not be required for gas products
  • Gas stoves are available for off-grid applications as they can run on LPG.

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