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7 Year Extended Stove Parts Warranty on Wood Burning & Multi-fuel Stoves

Your Fireline stove warranty commences from the date of purchase of your wood burning or multi-fuel stove. The registration must be returned within one month of the later of the purchase date or installation date and in any case not more than 3 months from purchase. Please also retain your receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.

Whilst filling in your registration form either enclosed with the instruction manual or online at www.charltonandjenrick.co.uk you will require the details of the Authorised Fireline dealer you purchased the stove from. Only stoves purchased from an Authorised Fireline Dealer and registered within the allotted time will qualify for the extended 7 year warranty.

For the extended warranty to be valid the installation of the stove must comply with relevant Building Regulations and must be carried out by a suitably trained and qualified person (HETAS or other competence scheme registered in the UK or equivalent in other countries). The installer needs to complete the certificate of installation and the commissioning report and you need to keep these to produce should you need to make a claim against the warranty. This warranty does not cover any aspect whatsoever of the flue arrangements for the installation, or the installation work itself, as these are beyond the control of Fireline as the manufacturer of the stove. It is a condition of the guarantee that the flue be swept, checked and cleaned by a suitably qualified individual as appropriate at least once per year. It is also a condition of the warranty that you have your stove serviced annually by a suitably trained and qualified person (HETAS or other competence scheme registered in the UK or equivalent in other countries) and any maintenance work needed be carried out at this time. Stove paint finishes require touching up or re-painting from time to time and failure to maintain the surface finish of a stove can lead to unnecessary corrosion. Looking after the paint finish is normal maintenance and not covered by warranty. Receipts and records of the annual services are required in the event of a warranty claim after the first 12 months and in the period of the extended warranty.

Replacement or repaired products are only covered for the remainder of the original warranty period.

Should you wish to make a claim, in the first instance you should contact the Authorised Fireline Dealer you purchased the stove from. They are experienced and qualified to offer assistance to hopefully solve the issue or escalate to Fireline on your behalf.

Terms, Conditions & Exclusions of the Extended Warranty

1. The following items are considered consumables and are not deemed to be covered under warranty for normal use: firebricks, glass, rope seals, log retainers, baffles, grate parts, ash pans and liners.

2. The appliance must be used in accordance with the user’s instructions.

3. The appliance must be serviced annually by a suitably trained and qualified person (e.g. HETAS or other competence scheme registered in the UK or equivalent in other countries).

4. This warranty is not transferable and relates to the original installation only and solely for the benefit of the original purchaser. Proof of purchase will be required.

5. The Registration must be correctly filled in online.

6. The warranty is void if the stove has been subjected to misuse, an accident or been modified/repaired by any person other than the authorised employee or authorised representative of Fireline. This includes use of incorrect, non-recommended or damp fuels and damage caused by over-firing the stove, details of which can be found in the instruction manual.

7. The warranty is void if damage caused by incorrect installation where the stove has not been installed in accordance with the Fireline installation manual or if the installation does not conform to local building, fire and safety regulations.

8. No warranty is given for corrosion or other associated damage caused by condensation, damp or water ingress into the flue, chimney or surroundings of the stove.

9. The registration must be completed online within 3 months of purchase.

10. This warranty expressly excludes any consequential or incidental liability or inconvenience arising from any fault, howsoever caused.

11. By completing the registration form online and keeping a record of having your fire serviced annually you extend the material cover of your 12 month labour and material guarantee by six years.

PLEASE NOTE: the first 12 months are parts and labour and the extended 6 years of parts only.

You will receive warranty details with your Fireline Stove’s instruction manual – please complete the warranty form online at www.charltonandjenrick.co.uk

For more information on the warranty please call our help desk on 01952 200 44. To register your stove warranty online please follow the link WARRANTY REGISTRATION

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