Date posted: 06.02.24

If you don’t have access to gas and don’t want to maintain a wood-burning stove, then electric is probably the final practical way to go. There are now many reasons why you should consider buying an electric fire.

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So, should you buy an electric fire? Here are some benefits:

From the outset, the benefit of electric fires and stoves is the fact that they are comparatively cheap to buy and need little or no installation. For example, a Charlton & Jenrick hang-on-the-wall electric fire can be very simple to locate by putting two brackets on the wall and then hanging the fire on with small fixings to secure it. This in itself can be a great reason to buy an electric fire if simplicity is important to you.

It gets more complicated if you want to chase the cable into the wall, but even this is a lot less work and cheaper for a tradesman to do than installing other fuel options. As with the other fuels discussed, there is a nearly endless array of styles and designs to choose from, many of which imitate the wood or gas-burning equivalent.

Bulb Lighting:

Keep an awareness of the illumination type used in the electric flame effect – there is no place for anything other than LED light sources in a modern electric fire.

Incandescent bulbs have a very limited life, therefore requiring frequent replacement, and are power-hungry for no obvious benefit.

As technology develops, the idea of electric fires is becoming more and more obvious for many households.

Our New Electric Fires:

Recently, we have introduced new and exciting fires to our electric lineup, including the long-awaited Opulus range, which takes advantage of the next-generation design of electric fires, featuring ultra-sharp, realistic flames from our Real Flame TechnologyTM design.

Our Luminosa fires are also new to range and, like with the Opulus, features our Real Flame TechnologyTM with 16 flame options, each available in five mood settings.

The Disadvantages of Electrical Fires:

The biggest drawback with electric fires is that no matter what model you opt for, you are not going to get a flame picture quite comparable to wood or gas.


If you are considering buying an electric fire, there are a number of things to consider. Electric fires can offer a very practical and cost-effective visual centrepiece in a home, and many offer lighting effects that can be switched on without any heating, so you can just use the enhanced appearance.

If you will need to rely on your secondary heating to offer a substantial amount of heat for a large room, then wood or gas is a much better choice, as electric fires usually offer a maximum of 2kW of heat. Please get in touch with us to discuss your fireplace options.

Below is one of our latest electric fires – the Luminosa 150.

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