The 5kW Wide is an option in the 5kW range where you have more space to accept longer logs, but still want to keep with the 5kW stove power output. If you want a 5kW stove with the same width and large glass viewing area as the Wide model, but with a shallower depth, then our BPV5W Slimline is perfect for your needs.

Charlton & Jenrick Purevision BPV5W on Countryman Stand


  • Modern hardwearing black paintwork
  • Patented tertiary air-profiling system, which delivers the clean combustion and high efficiency required to meet or exceed the 2022 European Ecodesign Directive, and achieve the clearSkies certification
  • Stainless steel bar handle, which is cooler to the touch and easy to use
  • Heavy-duty stainless-steel operating tool and stand for ease of use
  • 3.8-8kW operating range for the BPV5W, 3.8-6.5kW operating range for the BPV5W Slimline
  • Top and rear flue connection provides more flexibility for installation
  • Optional stands or log stores available
  • Unique active baffle system for faster start-up and easier refuelling
  • Convector Stove Technology
  • Multi-Fuel capability