Date posted: 09.05.24

As a business, we have always been interested in supporting our local showrooms around the UK. After all, they sell our products to the end customer. But for us, it runs much deeper than just selling. We love supporting all local businesses. It’s a local business that keeps the high street alive. Local businesses are the lifeblood of the community.

Since Covid manifested its ugly head back in 2020, the high street has been hit with a devastating blow, which in some cases proved fatal for some businesses. The high street is changing…It’s still there but needs to be appreciated.

Five Good Reasons – Buy Local, Support Local.

1 – Professional Help:

Buying a fire, whether it be a wood-burning stove, an electric fire, or a gas fire, can be complex. There is a wide range of things to consider such as the type of fire, room size, insulation levels, various building regulations and more. Your local showroom is a trusted expert and will be able to help you. They won’t bombard you with jargon but will help explain what will be required, to get your fire safely installed in your home.

2 – You Get A Site Survey:

One reason you should only buy locally is that you will benefit from a site survey. A site survey is vital and is part of the service from a local showroom.

During a Site Survey, your local showroom will look at:

  1. The relevant/desired location in the room for the stove or fire, including the wall construction and clearances to any combustible materials.
  2. The flue system, and if the current flue is suitable and safe to use for the desired stove/fire, or if a new one would fit.
  3. The appropriate heat output for the size of the room.
  4. Gas supply (relevant to gas fires only).
  5. Relevant building regulations. For example, a balanced flue must have access to an outside wall and must be within certain distances from windows, and neighbours houses etc.
  6. Ventilation – Sufficient air supply is very important for the safety of open flued appliances but is not necessary for balanced flue fires.
  7. To find out if your home is in a smoke control area.

A site survey isn’t something you get with an online purchase!

3 – You’re Supporting Local:

As we said before, local businesses are the lifeblood of the high street. By buying local you are doing your bit for your local community.

4 – Expert Installation:

Never try to install a fire yourself unless you’re an expert. Your showroom will be able to install for you or recommend an expert they work with. Your safety is paramount.

5 – After Sales Support:

Your showroom will be able to provide After Sales care, and we have a wide range of comprehensive warranties in place to protect and look after you, not to mention dedicated Customer Services, Technical and Spares departments also. And being local means you can pop in and see someone if you prefer face to face!

Find your local showroom here.

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