Date posted: 14.05.24

Are you looking at a local wood-burning stove installer locally? While we do not sell directly to the public, we have a wide range of showrooms all over the UK with professional installers who can fit a wood-burning stove you purchased from them.

Can I Fit A Stove Myself?

It isn’t illegal to install a wood-burning stove yourself. If, however, you are installing something like a gas fire, then you are legally obliged to have it installed by a qualified professional. So, while it may not be illegal to install a wood-burning stove itself, we strongly advise that you find a HETAS-qualified professional. Installing a wood-burning stove is not easy. A badly fitted stove could very easily become a fire risk. It could also become a serious carbon monoxide risk. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas, which can and does kill.

Local Search – Installer/Showroom.

You are able to find a wood-burning stove installer locally by using our showroom search facility. All you will need to do is add your postcode, select the radius, then finally fuel type – which lists electric, gas and solid fuel. The results will show the location of showrooms inside your desired area.

Getting An Installation Wrong:

If a wood-burning stove is not correctly installed, it poses a significant risk. For example, if the material behind or to the side of a stove is combustible and too close to the stove, it is a significant fire hazard. A combustible material is any material that is not A1 fire-rated. A1 fire-rated means that it will not catch fire and will not fall apart in a fire. A good example of non-combustible materials is brick and stone. Many materials may be labelled as “fire-resistant”, such as a sofa, but they are still combustible and can still burn.

There are many more risks that come with a badly fitted wood-burning stove. So, if you are looking for a local wood-burning stove installer, make sure they are HETAS Registered. HETAS registered professionals are able to take various training courses and qualifications, some of which include:

Dry Appliance Installer Course
Solid Fuel Regulations & Standards
Wet Appliance Installer Course

Please refer to the HETAS website for more information.

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