Date posted: 09.04.24

The most popular time to buy a stove tends to be in the autumn when the cooler temperatures and shorter days focus people’s attention towards keeping warm and spending more time indoors. So why would you buy a stove or fire in the spring?

There are some very good reasons for this, which include:

1. Time is on your side – When people want a stove or fire fitted, there is often a rush to have it installed in time for Christmas, or at least before the really cold weather sets in. Installers are often under significant pressure during these busy periods, so sometimes there can be a longer than expected waiting time, especially if you want it fitted quickly. Having a stove or fire fitted in the spring or summer means there is much less of a rush; you also have the luxury of having a wider choice of available dates for fitting.

2. Safer Weather – During the winter, there is a greater chance of adverse weather causing a delay in the fitting of your stove or fire. This is especially true if there is snow or ice or even high winds. A new flue is not always required with an installation, but if one is required, an installer will have to gain access to the top of your chimney. This is not safe to do in adverse weather and can, unfortunately, cause frustrating delays. In summer months, the chance of adverse weather impacting an installation is greatly reduced.

3. Increased Choice – Deciding to have a stove or fire fitted in the spring or summer can mean you have a wider choice, and the chances of your dream fire being out of stock due to high demand is reduced. Although our showrooms have a wide range of stock, and we have the logistics in place for quick production and delivery, there still is a lead time, which for some could be too long, especially if they are looking for an installation within a short time frame.

4. Increased Potential Savings – Although we do not slash the cost of our stoves and fires during quiet periods, which is sometimes the case with other industries, in the spring and summer months, the chances of potential savings on certain product ranges can increase. This is also especially so with some end-of-line ranges, which are often phased out during the quieter times to make way for the new-to-range items in the autumn months. These end-of-line stocks can sometimes be sold with a discount depending on the decision made by the showroom at any given time.

In Conclusion

Having a stove or fire fitted in the spring/summer makes a lot of sense for a wide range of reasons. Generally, you have more time, a potentially greater range of products to choose from, and a wider range of fitting dates, which can be based on your own requirements. You’re also helping support local businesses!

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