Date posted: 15.04.24

Our active baffle system has been carefully developed to help produce a great heat output by allowing free entry flue flow when required but automatically restoring perfect firebox conditions during normal running. Essentially, the active baffle helps regulate the flue from cold.

Chimneys work when warm, less dense air rises in the flue, thereby drawing in replacement air through the stove at the base. If there is no heat in the internal static air column (i.e. the stove has not been lit) and the density stays the same, then the air simply will not move until ‘pushed’ up and out. In this situation, lighting a stove can be hard work and can take a while.

Poor emissions and excessive smoke are the result.

You Don’t Need To Be An Expert!

In the past, stove lighting required skill and experience, a refined technique that often took a long time to master. Now, thanks to Active Baffle on a Purevision stove, it’s much easier and does not require expert skill.

If the conditions require it, simply switch the control leaver to the right into the Ignition position (see below) to open a specially designed through-flow channel. By doing this, you will allow initiated hot air directly into the flue pipe for a fast gas acceleration. Once the fire is up and running and is nice and hot, turning it left back to the Automatic position (see below) allows the flue channel to open when the door is opened. This assists with the continued quick escape of fresh fuel gases when refuelling with the door open.

Once you close the door, the firebox gas flow conditions revert back to restored optimum levels. This allows high thermal efficiency and a complete combustion to be made. This is one of the unique benefits of an Ecodesign stove that sits in the Purevision range. Should this system not be needed, such as when the stove is hot and efficient, then you can place the setting into the closed position (see above).

Incredible Efficiency:

The Active Baffle has enabled us to meet all current legislation, including Ecodesign, which became law in January 2022 and clearSkies certification. All the stoves in the Charlton & Jenrick range are DEFRA-exempt for burning wood logs in smoke control areas. Ecodesign stoves are very efficient when compared to older stoves and open fires.

The diagram below shows just how much. Some misinformation in the media has unfairly tarred stoves with the “bad for the environment” brush. This is unfair because the media has failed to differentiate between old stoves, open fires, and Ecodesign stoves. We have produced many articles which dispels this information.

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