Date posted: 12.03.24

iRange Deep – Media Wall Fires

Are you struggling for media wall ideas? Media wall electric fires have grown in popularity in recent years. Gone are the days when an electric fire was the last option if you could not install a gas or solid fuel appliance.

Our range of electric fires has expanded in recent years, as has the demand for them. Media wall electric fires, in their simplest forms, are electric fires built into a wall, with a TV sitting above. However, things have evolved beyond this simple setup. There is a huge range of wall designs and fire designs to make the perfect media wall in a home. Below are a few examples of media wall electric fires from our diverse and varied iRange Deep range.

Our iRange DEEP is a category of fires, which belongs to the broad iRange group. Although they vary in length, they are all 300mm deep, which means you enjoy more fuel bed and illumination compared to other fires. If you are struggling for media wall ideas, then our range of iRange Deep fires could help you.

iRange i1000e DEEP

A new addition to our DEEP range. Perfect for smaller rooms and more traditional interiors. This fire incorporates all the features of larger iRange models but in a smaller form. The new C&J Smart App allows you to control all aspects of the fire from your mobile.

iRange i1250e Deep

This is a midrange fire that is designed for feature walls and room dividers. The added depth has allowed for a new chunkier log set and increased illumination of the fuel bed, thanks to a unique glowing front log feature.

iRange 1500 Deep:

The iRange 1500 Deep is ideal for people that want a deeper three-sided look to a fire but also desire an element of simplicity. Perfect on a media wall where the TV is more of the focal point. Here the fire blends more on the wall than shouts attention.

iRange 1800 Deep:

It’s 1.8m in length and is perfect for the centrepiece of a modern home. It is compatible for one, two or three sides installations. This large fire will command attention even in the largest rooms.

iRange i2200e DEEP

The i2200e DEEP is the flagship in the DEEP range. At an incredible 2.2m long, this combines style for larger rooms. Perfect for discerning customers that want to enjoy the ultimate in luxury electric fires.

Almost 50% of electricity in the UK is created by renewable and clean energy. This is a key reason why it has increased in popularity in recent years as a preferred power source and why when people look for media wall ideas, electric fires are almost always mentioned.

Benefits of an Electric Fire:

1. Choose from traditional inset fires and hang-on-the-wall contemporary fires
2. Mix and match frets and trims to best suit your room
3. Various fuel bed options
4. Free to locate the fire wherever there is an electric supply
5. Realistic flame effects to best suit your personal taste and style
6. Low watt usage

iRange – The Range at a Glance:

Colours and mood options are what make the iRange, including the DEEP range, stand out to potential buyers. There is a choice of 13 colours for the ultra-realistic fuel bed. With iRange, there are the optional four mood-settings, which means you can change the lighting in your room based on how your mood takes you. The LED strips are available that plug into your fire and you can run in your fireplace or build into the wall.

The ultra-realistic LiveFlame effect with colour options adds to the ambience, which you have complete control over. Warm amber, hot blue or a combination of both. The mood settings offer four different levels of brightness and size of flames. It’s easy to see how with iRange you can have a different fire based on how you feel. There are two heat settings, which are chosen automatically by the controls to meet and maintain your chosen room temperature.

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