Date posted: 19.02.24

Our range of electric fires don’t just need to find their forever home in a lounge or sitting room, or if they do, they don’t need to sit on their own, should you prefer something a little different. There are plenty of other places in the home where an electric fire can be located and look great – perfect for a range of interior design ideas. If a fire is located in a lounge area, there are different approaches you can take, should you want something a little different to the convention.

Our range of electric fires has increased recently, with the launch of the Luminosa range in September 2023 and the Opulus soon after.

Whether you are looking for a few simple interior design ideas or looking to buy an electric fire as part of an extensive interior redesign of your home, we have a number of ideas to help.

In The Bedroom:

An electric fire in the bedroom can create a stunning focal point. Interior design in the bedroom can include a number of points. It’s, however, not always that obvious to consider an electric fire as part of these designs. Until now, that is.

Apart from the impressive heat they give out, they can also help create the perfect ambience if all you want to do is get comfy in bed and have the optional mood lighting and flame effect on. It’s up to you if you also want the fire to warm your room. With many fires in our range, mood lighting and flame-only options are perfect for all situations. Below is our Luminosa 150 fire, which although will mainly be fitted in lounges, they can also look incredible in a bedroom. The design makes them perfect for a media wall, feature wall or a dividing wall – all of which can be part of an interior design project in a number of rooms – including bedrooms.

In The Kitchen:

They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen, so why not warm the heart of your home with a visual delight, such as the i1500E electric fire, which is part of the iRange of fires. This fire sits perfectly in a kitchen, allowing a great view of the fire itself without the view being distracted by the functionality of a kitchen. The i1500E has a range of benefits including:

  • Lifeflame options – A beautiful fire with flame effects to match your mood 
  • Amberlight Fuel bed – A palette of thirteen glorious colours  
  • Optional Mood Settings – Create the right mood in your room by lighting the area surrounding your fire 
  • Tailored fuel bed options – Different looks from a choice of fuel beds 
  • EcoDesign Compliant – Love your fire, love the energy you save 
  • Thermocontrol – Simple controls from a single handset 

In the Lounge (But with a difference)

Whilst the most commonplace for an electric fire is in the lounge, you can blend it to be part of the room. It doesn’t need to always sit on its own as tradition dictates. Here is our i250e Deep from our iRange, which is built into a feature wall area, incorporating a TV above and shelving area to the side. A bold design, which in the right lounge can create quite a sensational look.

As part of a dividing wall:

A dividing wall can be added to any room in the house and is relatively common with interior design projects where there is a need to split up a larger area to form more than one space (i.e an eating area in kitchen). What a perfect way to create a dividing wall with a difference! This i250e from our iRange has been placed on the corner of a dividing wall, which draws attention not only to the wall but also to the fire. Being located on the dividing wall, the fire can also be used to heat both separate areas.

For more design ideas and inspiration please view our electric fires eBrochure and find your inspiration.

Other interior design ideas for your home.

An interior design project in your home can range wildly in scope, budget and creativity. An electric fire is just one possible aspect for consideration – here are a few more points you may wish to consider to help with your interior design project:

1. Select your colour pallet. Our electric fires have 13 LED colour options that can be rotated or altered to fit your mood. Sales pitch over. As good as this mood lighting may be, you still need to consider the wider general colour pallet in your room if you are looking at a more extensive interior design project.

2. Consider wall coverings – wallpaper or paint or both? Wallpaper can be used to create a feature wall. It’s also great to add to a media wall, which, of course, is popular to incorporate an electric fire to.

3. Consider your lighting scheme – Electric fires look superb when the lights are off. But as good as they may look in the dark, you also need a well-designed lighting scheme to consider. Ambient lighting is important, especially in a bedroom. While bright lights may be fine in a lounge or kitchen, in a bedroom, consider softer lights to aid relaxation and winding down after a hard day. Very soft ambient lighting can work very well with electric fire mood lighting. You just need to decide what colour works best for you. Blue can really give a sense of calm, while green is known to help elevate anxiety.

4. Textures – While it’s easy to get carried away with colours and patterns, it is also important to consider textures with any interior design project. Mixing textures, if done right, can really create a stunning look in a room. The exact scope of which textures work best for you and your design will greatly vary. A lot of rooms that feature a media wall electric fire opt for a minimalist, modern look, especially as the media wall will include a large flatscreen TV. Technology often goes hand-in-hand with a minimal look. However, don’t for one minute think you must adopt this look in your room. Polished floors contrasting with large soft rugs, or simple wall colours contrasting with large, bright artworks can look great.

The key to successful interior design is to be open to experiment to get the perfect look which works for you.

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