Date posted: 01.08.22

The growth of the clearSkies scheme continues to make impressive leaps forward. There are now 28 brands that have registered with the scheme, and an impressive 335 appliances which now are clearSkies certified. Around 87% of the appliances which use the clearSkies mark enjoy either a level 4 or level 5 certification – this means they are among the very cleanest stoves on the market. Here is what these two levels mean:

Level 4 = 15% improvement on Ecodesign And Defra exempt.

Level 5 = 15% improvement in emissions & efficiency performance on level 4, AD Defra exempt.

The levels range from 2 to 5, as shown below.

Almost 90% of stoves have level 4 or 5 certification is a clear testament to the industry’s persistent and dedicated commitment to making burning wood as environmentally friendly as possible.

High Profile Appointment

Not only has the profile of clearSkies improved with the growing range of brands joining them, but a further high-profile appointment and engagement with the government at the highest level is also evidence that clearSkies is becoming a growing and recognised authority. At the start of the year, Professor Alan Wiliams CBE joined the clearSkies board.

He is an academic and a Fellow of many high-profile organisations, which include the Royal Academy of Engineering, the Energy Institute, the Institution of Gas Engineers and the Combustion Institute. Alan’s input to clearSkies will be a valuable addition given his vast experience with combustion-related topics.

Government Approach

Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer and his team – perhaps best known to the public during the Covid 19 pandemic approached clearSkies for input into his annual report, which this year will focus on air pollution and public health. While it’s not known how much this report will reference clearSkies, there was a genuine interest in the potential for reducing particulate matter that could be achieved by switching specific models of stoves for clearSkies models.

Dialogue with Defra and Local Government

The SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) regularly meets with Defra, and recent positive feedback is that Defra has indicated that as the clearSkies scheme has been running for two years, it is possible for the government to reference the scheme. The clearSkies scheme has been created by the SIA along with representative companies from across the industry.

Referencing the scheme by Defra would be a key milestone and would help promote it to local authorities. This is particularly relevant as air quality management responsibility is now being passed to local authorities. As such, clearSkies is already engaged with ongoing awareness campaigns with local councils to help raise awareness of the scheme and to help educate and inform key decision makers about clearSkies.

This education will highlight what clearSkies stands for and to help resolve any misinformation, which is still occasionally thrown around by the media, namely that burning wood is not environmentally friendly, (all) stoves are polluting, or failing to highlight the huge difference between burning wood on an open fire or old stove, and a new Ecodesign / clearSkies model.

All of Charlton & Jenrick’s stoves are clearSkies certified. For more information on clearSkies please visit their website here.

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