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COP26 has only concluded, where the emphasis continues to be on the pressing urgency to lower our carbon footprint. One way to do this is to change your ageing electric fire for a new, higher-efficiency model. Efficiency aside, there are also some very credible reasons why you should consider electric…

In The Begining….

There are a wide range of fuel types available to heat a room in your home. In the distant past, an open fire was the only option available. Then over time along came electric and gas. Gas fires became available way back in the 1850s. It wasn’t until the 1890s that they started to become a little more popular – although generally only purchased by more affluent households. Fast forward some 60 years to the 1950s, this is when there was a huge increase in gas fires.

The first electric fire dates back to 1912, although like with gas, it wasn’t until the 1950s until electric fires became commonplace in a household in the UK.

The open flame was starting to get outshone somewhat…for a short time at least.

The open flame was developed further with the development of more intelligently designed stoves, and development progressed further still with the recent introduction of Ecodesign Ready glass-fronted appliances, which provide incredibly high levels of efficiency.

Over the years, the various heating appliances evolved, improved and developed. Only a few decades back, with developments in gas fires and stoves and the desirability of grand fireplaces, an electric fire was seen somewhat as a last choice option.

Electric wasn’t seen as that desirable…

Fast forward to today and electric fires have developed and become more desirable. Here are the reasons to take a closer look at electric fires (options vary on models):

Electric Fires – Key Features in CJ Range:

Perfect Efficiency– Our range of electric fires have 100% efficiency at the source

Liveflame – A realistic flame effect with a choice of three flame colours and five flame speeds

Ambient light bed – There are 13 light bed options or automatic settings which cycle through the whole range

Mood settings – Optional LED strips available on a number of our electric fires

Thermocontrol remote – View and adjust the temperature of a room from the comfort of your sofa!

Tailored fuel bed – Ice crystals or a range of hand-painted ceramic logs – perfect for your fire

Programmable 7-day timer – Pre-set the heating of our electric fires either daily or for 7 days

Active glowing ember fuel bed – Enjoy five brightness settings and 13 colours

Anti-reflective glass – Giving you an uninterrupted view of your electric fire

i-Range i1250e Deep Electric Fire on media wall – perfect for larger rooms

It’s the varying designs and the options, which give electric fires an advantage. You can, quite literally, customise your fire based on how you’re feeling or the mood you wish to create in a room. This uniqueness is what attracts people to electric fires, where in the past they may have passed by for other fuel sources.

Other Advantages of Electric:

They are very convenient – you don’t need to worry about a chimney and the associated issues, which come with using a chimney, you also don’t need to worry about servicing issues, which you have with a gas fire, or the effort you need to commit to when you use a wood-burning stove. Despite the attraction of gas and wood – sometimes and for some only electric will do.

Enjoy all year round – You can switch on the flame effect (only) in the middle of summer if you wish, to create a relaxing focal point, but with no heat. Not only is this incredibly cheap to use, but it also produces no heat. If you want heat, this can be done with a click of a button.

100% Efficiency – With heating and electricity prices rising, it makes sense to invest in something, which won’t be excessively expensive to run. An electric heater dissipates heat directly into a room. No heat is lost through a chimney or venting.

Greater control – The heat from an electric fire (and so power demands) can be very quickly controlled, more so than a wood-burning stove for example.

No harmful gases – When you burn anything, it’s natural for gas byproducts to form. With an electric fire, there will never be any harmful gases – ever.

Pretend flames – While an electric fire may not truly give the same look like a gas fire or stove, the fact the flames are not real does have a safety advantage.

View our range of electric fires.

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