Media wall electric fires have grown in popularity in recent years. Gone are the days when an e...
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Media wall electric fires have grown in popularity in recent years. Gone are the days when an electric fire was the last option if you could not install a gas or solid fuel appliance.

Our range of electric fires has expanded in recent years, as has the demand for them. Media wall electric fires in their simplest forms are electric fires, built into a wall, with a TV sitting above. However, things have evolved beyond this simple set-up. There is a huge range of wall designs, and fire designs to make the perfect media wall in a home. Below are a few examples of media wall electric fires from our diverse and varied range.

i-Range i1250e – One-Sided in a Feature Wall:

This electric fire, which forms part of a media wall has a unique design, allowing for a large flatscreen TV, and also shelving space. Perfect for large rooms, where you want the focal point to be striking, and a real talking point!

i-Range i1250e – Two-Sided in a Feature Wall:

Similar to the first fire shown, but this has an additional side, which looks great if you’re fitting this on a dividing wall, where you want to place emphasis on both sides of a wall.

i-Range 1500 Deep:

The i-Range 1500 Deep is ideal for people that want a deeper three-sided look to a fire but also desire an element of simplicity. Perfect on a media wall where the TV is more of the focal point. Here the fire blends more on the wall than shouts attention.

“Britain is generating more electricity from the sun, wind and other clean sources than from dirty coal and gas for the first time since the industrial revolution” National Grid

Almost 50% of electricity in the UK is created by renewable and clean energy. This is a key reason why it has increased in popularity in recent years as a preferred power source.

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Benefits of an Electric Fire:

1. Choose from traditional inset fires and hang-on-the-wall contemporary fires
2. Mix and match frets and trims to best suit your room
3. Various fuel bed options
4. Free to locate the fire wherever there is an electric supply
5. Realistic flame effects to best suit your personal taste and style
6. Low watt usage

Our Ranges of Electric Fires:

We have developed a range of electric fires that appeal to a wide customer base. Sometime in the not too distant past, electric fires were mainly only offered in the traditional 16″ size, and while we still offer these fires, which still remain popular, we do also have other sizes and options.

Polaris – Polaris fires have an active glowing ember fuel bed, with five brightness settings and a selection of 13 different colours and a setting, which cycles through all the options. Polaris uses LED technology, which means lower running costs and a long life. Polaris have a range of media wall electric fires.

The anti-reflective glass is a very popular feature in the Polaris range, as it gives a better view of the fire and of course, reduces reflection. All logs on Polaris fires are hand-painted to give a very realistic look. Furthermore, no log is repeated, which includes brown logs, moss logs, slit logs and bark pieces. Polaris are perfect for smaller and larger rooms alike, with a range of sizes and heat outputs. You can view the full Polaris range here.

i-Range – Colours and mood options are what makes the i-Range stand out to potential buyers, including a range of media wall fires. There is a choice of 13 colours for the ultra-realistic fuel bed. With i-Range, there are the optional four mood-settings, which means you can change the lighting in your room based on how your mood takes you. The LED strips are available that plug into your fire and you can run in your fireplace or build into the wall.

The ultra-realistic LiveFlame effect with colour options adds to the ambience, which you have complete control over. Warm amber, hot blue or a combination of both. The mood settings offer four different levels of brightness and size of flames. It’s easy to see how with i-Range you can have a different fire based on how you feel. There are two heat settings, which are chosen automatically by the controls to meet and maintain your chosen room temperature. To learn more about i-Range please click here.

Other Electric Fires:

Ecoflame – While Polaris and i-Range are somewhat different to the traditional electric fire, Ecoflame still embraces the traditional look, with sizes that include the traditional 16″ opening. Ecoflame has used the 16″ fire design as a solid base to introduce a slightly larger 22″ design, where a larger dimension fire is the preferred option, but will still fit into a 16″ opening. Ecoflame fires boast ultra-realistic flames and like with Polaris and i-Range, mood lighting too. So you can enjoy the tradition of a 16″ fire, whilst benefiting from the advancements in technology that allow for these desirable, added features.

While Ecoflame embraces a traditional design, it has also created the perfect electric alternative for those that love the traditional wood-burning stove look, with the convenience of electric. The Ecoflame 3D electric stove has enjoyed immense success since its launch. The design look doesn’t just replicate that of a wood-burning stove, similar to an actual wood-burning stove it has a 5mm thick laser profiled steel construction – giving a very heavy, solid look and feel. You can learn more about Ecoflame stoves here. For 16″ Ecoflame fires click here. For 22″ Ecoflame fires click here.

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