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5 Year WarrantyParagon Extended Five Year Parts Warranty


Your Paragon warranty commences from the date you purchase your fire and you need to retain your receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.

This extended warranty specifically excludes soft refractory components, bulbs & any batteries.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The appliance must be installed by a Gas Safe registered person in accordance to the fitting instructions.
  2. The appliance must be used in accordance with the user’s instructions.
  3. The appliance must be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered person.
  4. The service log must be correctly filled out and the record of annual services must be up to date and supported by receipts in each case.
  5. This warranty is not transferable and relates to the original installation only.
  6. The Registration Form must be correctly filled out and returned.
  7. The appliance has not been subjected to misuse or accident or been modified or repaired by any person other than the authorised employee or authorised representative of Charlton and Jenrick Ltd.
  8. The registration form must be returned within 3 months of purchase.
  9. By filling in and returning the registration form and keeping a record of having your fire serviced annually you extend the material cover of your 12 month labour and material guarantee by four years.

PLEASE NOTE: the first 12 months are parts and labour and the extended 4 years of parts only.


You will receive a warranty form in the back of your Paragon Fire’s instruction manual and you can fill in the details and post or alternatively you can go onto our website and fill in you warranty online.
For more information on the warranty please call our help desk on 0845 519 5991.